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Filing deadline for overseas bank accounts extended for 2009 year and earlier

Individuals or organizations that own bank accounts overseas or have signature authority on those accounts may have to file a certain report with the Treasury Department every year. If the balance in those accounts goes over $10,000 you need to file an FBAR report by June 30 of the following year.

Deadline for filing this report for 2009 and earlier has been extended.

This requirement applies to nonprofit organizations as well. In addition, individuals who are merely signers on those accounts have a personal obligation to report.

Average CPA billing rates by firm size and staffing level

CPATrendlines highlights some data from the AICPA/PCPS MAP survey:

  • Average billing rate by firm size (from <200K revenue to >10M) and staffing level (partner, director, manager, seniors, associates)
  • Net remaining per partner by firm size with 2010 compared to 2008
  • Fees per partner by firm size with 2010 and 2008 data

Looks like 2,937 firms participated, which is a rather high percentage of all CPA firms. That is about 6.6% of all firms.

Great article with some really good data on how things are going at other firms: How Much to Charge?

Free book offer for pastors of local churches

I would like to provide a complementary copy of my book Once Upon Internal Control to pastors of local churches. This short fable is the basis for the cartoons you see on my other blog.

Update:  This book is now available on Amazon for $0.99USD. 

Free offer good for delivery in U.S. only, effective December 5, 2011.  Free offer will expire on December 31, 2011.

What does the staffing of a big office of a Big 4 firm look like?

Hey, it is just plain fun to read the Going Concern blog. Really should add it to your RSS feed.

For those of us in small firms who might have some idle curiosity of what the staffing looks like in a large office in the Big 4 world, Going Concern has some juicy details of the headcount by job level in the LA office of Deloitte.

Feature length cartoon up – discussion of bank reconciliations and offering count in a local church

Some short scenes have been combined into a 9 minute cartoon along with an intro and extro. The first of several feature-length cartoons is available on my other blog, Once Upon Internal Control. This one discusses some creative internal controls over cash and a few ideas on how to maintain security over the offering until it is counted by the count team. More to follow!

Cartoon can be found at:

Once Upon Internal Control – part 1

Compensation grid for PwC

Going Concern is a blog that’s worth reading everyday. Would be worthwhile to include it in your RSS reader. The site covers the Big 4 world from a staffer’s perspective. Lots of juicy news from the trenches. Lot’s of great accounting news.

Today’s scoop is an excel spreadsheet that lists the PwC compensation structure from new staff level through year 14 director and new partner. Includes base pay and bonus.

Hiring trends strong for new accounting graduates

Don’t know how to interpret this. You can figure for yourself what it means for your practice.

Looks like the prospects for new accounting grads is good.

CPATrendlines, in their article, Number of Accounting Grads Hits New High, reports:

Newly minted accountants have some of the brightest job prospects in the nation, with nearly 90 percent of accounting firms forecasting the same or increased hiring of graduates this year compared with 2010, and nearly three quarters, 71 percent, of the largest firms anticipating more hiring – an indicator of a rebounding economy.

Overall data on CPA firms by size including revenue and number of professionals

Stat data from the AICPA lists information for CPA firms sorted by size: big 4, top 100, large (21-75), medium (11-20), small (2-10), and sole practitioners. Table includes number of firms in each category, total revenue for that sector, number of professional staff in each category. This is 2009 data.

We’re All Small Firms Now, from CPATrendlines; data from AICPA.

A few tidbits of interest to me:

Essentials of Internal Control – article for Bank of the West newsletter

I wrote an article for Bank of the West called Essentials of Internal Control.  It discusses one superb internal control you should be using for cash, explains that trust is not an internal control, and offers a creative idea to improve control over cash.

A one sentence summary of internal control is at the end of this paragraph:

CPAs can talk for hours about internal control. Can the concepts in all those long presentations be made a little simpler to grasp? Let’s try to boil down all those internal control ideas to one sentence. Ready? Internal controls are the procedures you put in place so that one person cannot do something wrong and hide having done so.

The three key ideas discussed:

  • The bookkeeper should not sign checks
  • Trust is NOT an internal control
  • Review unopened bank statement by someone outside of accounting

Please read the full article.

My article was included in this newsletter.