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What you do after a discrimination claim can get you into REAL trouble

Attorney Jay Shepherd gives us 500,000 reasons to worry about retaliation claims.

He explains that when something bad happens to an employee after filing a discrimination claim, it makes it look like the employer retaliated against the employee for filing the claim.  Makes it look like payback.  That is a bad thing.  Very bad.  That is a serious offense in the eyes of the law.

Peering forward – trying to figure out the future

On my other blog, I have written a series of posts called Peering Forward (okay, okay, that is about all the creativity I can bring to headline writing).  The posts have been combined into one page, which you can see here.  The discussion is from the perspective of ministries, but many of the ideas are useful for CPAs as well.

Two great tidbits to chew on that I mention in the series:

  • Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google is quoted as saying that every two days we create as much information as all of humanity created from the dawn of civilization through 2003.  (The Kevin Ring article gave the info, TechCrunch verified.)
  • Ray Kurzweil said in 2001 that “we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate).”  (comment mentioned in the Ring article.)   His point is that technology change is exponential. 

How do you present complex data? Look at these visualizations

(cross post from www.ulvog.wordpress.com)

Check out how to present multiple pieces of data from every country on the planet over a 40 year trend in such a way that anyone can get your point.  Professor Hans Rosling has a way of showing extremely complicated data so you can get the idea in a few minutes.

Some examples:

PTIN registration

Don’t forget you must register with the IRS to get or renew your PTIN for 2011.  Fee is $64.25. You probably received a letter recently giving you the web address to register:  www.irs.gov/taxpros

I just registered. Took 25 minutes.  Might want to have your CAF and EFIN (electonic filing number) handy.  I noticed that my renewal will expire 11-30-11, which I suppose means I will have to renew next year before 11-30.  So if such trivia matters, you might want to wait until after 12-1 to register.

Expanded 1099 reporting starts in 2012

SEE this post for Update!  

Reporting requirements for 1099s will soon expand dramatically.  From the Journal of Accountancy: “(b)eginning Jan. 1, 2012, virtually all payments by a trade or business aggregating $600 or more to any single vendor during any calendar year will have to be reported at the end of each calendar year to the vendor and to the IRS on Form 1099. Vendors include almost anyone a trade or business pays in the course of doing business, other than its employees whose compensation is already reported on Forms W-2.” – the full article is available online. …

Test for ethical behavior – what will this look like on the front page of the newspaper?

Update: Superb illustration of the concept here.

You have probably heard this story before, but I will mention it again.  When you are pondering how to handle a situation, think about how it would look on the front page of the newspaper.  Do you want to see this policy, decision, or personnel action on the front page of the Wall Street Journal®?  How about the lead article in the local section of the Los Angeles Times®? The front page of your local paper?  …