Social media

The ROI on social media is zero. Also zero on your e-mail, rebranding and relocation. So get started.

Who would think to demand a quantification of the ROI on developing a new logo then printing new letterhead & business cards that go with it?

Do you really want to identify exactly every contributing factor behind a new client so your new logo, new office, e-mail system, marketing speech last spring, and latest 4 newsletters can get proportionate credit for that new audit?  Then you could calculate the ROI of your newsletter.

Then why would you even think about using that criteria for social media?

Still wondering if Social Media is a big deal? Want to be in business 5 years from now?

Most sobering thought from the video:

  • The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in 5 years

Some stats on social media from Erik Qualman at Social Media Revolution 2011:


A few other highlights that caught my eye:

You probably should check your LinkedIn privacy settings

Looked at my settings. Much to my surprise, I found out I had opted-in to have my name and photo included in ads for products. Might be worth checking your settings.

First tidbit – social ads. Technique of using your photo and name on ads shown to people in your network for items that you have recommended or followed.

Second tidbit – you have to opt-out of social ads at LinkedIn.


Intro to LinkedIn

Don’t understand LinkedIn? Know you oughta’ join the party but don’t know how to get started?

Having a presence in LinkedIn should be standard for all accountants. It is approaching the level of a business card in terms of basic tools every business person should have.

Prof. David Albrecht has a great introduction on his blog: LinkedIn for Accounting and Business Students

Don’t let the title of his article lead you astray. …

Short intro to social media for CPAs

CPAs ought to start looking at social media. At the moment, a CPA is at the leading edge merely by doing anything beyond a plain web site and contact-only Linked-in page. Start blogging or effectively using twitter and you are bleeding edge. Eventually, we will all have to be in the space just to be part of the crowd.

Time to start thinking about it. Here’s an interview that talks about getting started: David Albrecht’s blog post Sheridan (MACPA) Interviews Michelle Golden

How to get 20 co-workers fired – today’s lesson on how NOT to use social media

(duplicate of post from Nonprofit Update.)

Seems that a fellow who was doing some marketing work for Chrysler sent out a tweet criticizing the driving skills of Detroit drivers and threw in an obscenity for spice.  He sent the tweet while stuck in traffic. 

Unfortunately, he accidentally used the Chrysler brand twitter feed instead of his personal twitter account. 


Social media is now integral part of handling lawsuits

Gaining access to comments made through social media is now a standard approach when attorneys get involved in a conflict, whether checking out the situation as it is falling apart or handling litigation after it filed.

I have previously mentioned that the Internet is permanent and described how easy it is for anyone to run a low-level background check on you.

Now two attorneys, Leita Walker and Joel Schroeder, have given us a glimpse in their article, Eureka! Discovering (and Using) Social Media in Litigation, of what this looks like when attorneys dive into a case. 

“The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Market, Sell, and Innovate”

The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Market, Sell, and Innovate – Clara Shih – ISBN 978-0137085125

From the cover:  “Whether you know it or not, Facebook and Twitter are transforming your business in profound and significant ways.